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Best Motion Activated Toilet Night Lights Reviews


Anyone who’s ever stubbed a toe or fallen in the dark will appreciate the value of a toilet night light. Subdued lighting isn’t painful to the eye and is more than sufficient to see by in the dark. Households with small children especially benefit from night lights in the bathroom as this will encourage them to “go on their own” if they don’t have to be afraid of entering a dark room.

Following are ten that were chosen for price, durability, function and customer satisfaction. All are offered by Amazon and none have less than a 4-star rating.

1. Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight , Gold Armour Home Bathroom Motion Activated Sensor LED Night Light Lamp, Great for Potty Training, 8 Color Changing (Only Activates in Darkness)

Toilet Night Light, Gold Armour 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light, 5-Stage Dimmer, Light Detection, Great for Potty Training LED Toilet Light (1PACK)The design of Gold Armour’s flexible arm allows it to be attached to any shape so it will stay firmly in place. Sensors activate the light when you step near and the auto shut-off feature kicks in when you leave to conserve battery power. Simply by touching a button 8 soothing color options are offered, each will glow for 15-seconds before moving on, or you can set it for your favorite color. Keeping it sanitary is easy which is an obvious plus, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee makes this light a risk-free investment in safety.


2. Best Light Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Toilet Nightlight

Best Light Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Toilet NightlightThe Best Light offers an alternative to dangerous falls in the dark or the painful sensation bright lights can cause sleepy eyes. A flexible arm conforms to any shape of toilet bowl for a secure fit, and with 8 different color choices in the same unit to choose from there’s no reason you can’t match the light to the decor. Or, leave it in rotation mode and color will auto change on its own. Once installed on your toilet and you’ve experienced the convenience of a light that turns itself on and off, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.


3. Motion Activated Toilet Night light , Vintar Body Auto Motion Activated Sensor Colorful Nightlight, 16-Color Changes, Only Activates in Darkness

Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light, Cool Gadgets,5-Stage Dimmer, Light Detection,Gift IdeaThe Vintar only activates in darkness and its sensor is designed for convenient shut off and battery conservation. With this unit installed on your toilet there will be no more worries about stubbed toes or for males, “missing the target” in the dark. This light has 16-color options and a 5-stage dimmer. The carousel option offers a rainbow of colors which change on their own or you can set if for a favorite. Waterproof and easy to clean, this light is an excellent gift idea that will be appreciated and used.


4. Motion Activated Toilet Night Light by Diateklity – Two Modes with 8 Color Changing – Sensor LED Washroom Night Light – Fits Any Toilet (1 pc)

Motion Activated Toilet Night Light by Diateklity - Two Modes with 8 Color Changing - Sensor LED Washroom Night Light - Fits Any Toilet (1 pc)This Diateklity toilet light offers more than a safe trip to the bathroom at night, it offers comfort as well because it can’t be felt when the bowl is in use. Motion activated, all it takes to choose from any of the 8-colors it produces is the touch of a button. Manufactured from plastic it fits any shape bowl, and keeping it sanitary is no problem. Diateklity knows the value of their own product and aren’t afraid to offer a 100% money back guarantee.


5. Voion 2016 New Arrival Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light with 2 Modes in 8 Color

Voion’s 2016 will put motion activated light where you need it most. Made of tough yet flexible plastic, it can be securely molded to any size or shape toilet bowl. 8-colors in one unit rotate in 120 seconds, offering a much better alternative to the harsh, glaring light of an overhead fixture. Small children love the alternating lights, but there is also the option of choosing a single color. The batter powered LED light is bright enough in any color to light your steps, and the sanitary design makes cleanup no problem at all.


6. Toilet Bowl Night Light,Activated by Motion Sensor and Darkness,Battery(INCLUDED) Operated LED Bathroom Light,Gift for Potty Training Kid Children Midnight Visitors,Water Proof (16 Colors,1 Pack)

LED Toilet LightThis Toilet Bowl Night Light is activated by motion and sensors only turn on in darkness. It comes with 16 color options for light which can be set to run consecutively, or pick a favorite and set for that one only. Featured is a “dimmer” switch for personal preference, and set up couldn’t be easier. Just bend the arm and attach to the bowl, it will not fall off. Water proof and easy to keep sanitary, this light is the answer to safely navigating a bathroom at night.


7. Toilet Light LED Motion Activated – 3pcs Battery Included – Lanaco Human Body Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light, 8 Colors Changing Energy-Efficient Bowl Nightlight for Bathroom Washroom

The Lanaco toilet light is very energy-efficient and any product that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee is worth paying attention to. Installing this light makes it possible to visit the toilet in the middle of the night without waking others, and its soft light is a comfort to the eyes. 8 different colors in one unit offers more variety in a personal choice, and increases the chances there is one that will perfectly match the rest of your bathroom.




8. BrightmeeTM 8 Colors Motion Activated Toilet Night light Fit Any Toilet-Water-resistant Bathroom Night Light Easy Clean -For Midnight Convenience and Children Funny Potty

Brightmee can take the boring out of potty training for young children as well as light a safe path for adults in the dark. Through the use of passive infrared technology, it will sense motion within 10-feet. After 20-seconds of no motion, it will shut itself down. With 8 colors of light to choose from, there is bound to be something to please everyone, and the LED light is good for 10,000 hours or more. Brightmee makes trying to locate a switch in the dark when what you need to find is the toilet a thing of the past.


9. New Toilet Light Night- LED Nightlight With Motion Activated Sensor for Toilet Bowl Glow-8 Colors (16 Color Light Also Available)

The New Toilet Light Night comes in two models. One with 8 color choices and another with 16. It only activates in the dark when motion is detected and shuts off after two minutes of no activity. Once awakened by harsh light, it can be difficult to get back to sleep. The comfort of a soft light to greet your eyes instead of painfully bright overheads is incomparable. The soft glow coming from the toilet bowl will not disturb others and is all the light you need to make it safely to the toilet.


10. HaMi Toilet Night Light, LED Sensor Motion Activated Toilet Light Battery-Operated,8 Colors Changing Night Light Toilet Bowl Light [12-Month Warranty] – 1Pack

The HaMi toilet nightlight securely attaches with flexible rods that easily adjust for any shape bowl, it will stay where you put it. Sensors tell it to turn on when you walk up to it, and also to turn off when you leave. It only operates in darkness and the gentleness of the light is not enough to wake others sleeping nearby. The HaMi comes with 8 different color choices which can be set to rotate, or choose a single favorite. With a 12-month guarantee, this is a good light that makes a thoughtful gift.


Final Thoughts

Most trip and fall accidents in the home happen in the bathroom, so choosing a toilet bowl nightlight is as much for safety as convenience. Of the 10 listed above, all are market favorites. Any of them make thoughtful gifts for young and old alike. Young children are easier to potty train, and older adults avoid falling and breaking something when you have a motion activated light attached to the toilet.

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