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DEWALT 20V Max XR VS Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Drill & Impact Driver


If you’re a newbie and just starting to establish your power tool arsenal, you’d be at wit’s end about deciding which brand to choose.

You’ll always hear or read about do-it-yourself enthusiasts or professionals professing their devotion to a certain brand, typically with matching unconditional conviction. Cordless drills are no exception in many ways, that’s why in this article, we’re endeavoring to aid you decide which one to get: DEWALT or Milwaukee.

DEWALT and Milwaukee are both prominent and credible companies that produce the finest power tools in the planet as of the moment.

Below are two reviews of each brand’s bestselling models in the market out there.

DEWALT 20V Max XR vs. Milwaukee M18 Fuel Review

1. DEWALT DCK283D2 20V MAX XR Compact Cordless Drill/Driver & Impact Driver Combo Kit

DEWALT DCK283D2 20V MAX XR Compact Cordless Drill/Driver & Impact Driver Combo KitThis kit comes with both am impact driver and compact drill and is a huge aid in household tasks and most work areas.

The DEWALT DCK283 D2 kit is a particularly good choice if you want a quality combo fit to finish your projects without inconvenience. In addition it is a good bargain for the price.

Your buy will surely include the DCD791 compact drill driver, the DCF887 impact driver, belt hooks, a charger, and two li-ion batteries. These parts are all stored in a convenient contractor bag. It comes with everything you need to get you started.

One factor that sets this kit apart from others in the market is its parts’ small builds. The DCD791 drill driver has a length of 6.9 inches. At the same time, the DCF887 impact driver has a length of 5.3 inches. These power tools will certainly aid you in particularly hard to reach areas with sizes that don’t directly reflect their power.

Your bigger power tools won’t stand a chance at all. Finishing assignments and tasks are always hard and tiring on the body. Nevertheless, with these tools’ light weight design, tiredness from long hours of working will be minimized.

Its compact driver only weighs only 3.4 lbs. while the impact driver only weighs 2 lbs. These power tools’ lightweight and short design makes it ideal fit in anyone’s hands.

Ease of Use and Efficiency

Both of the DCD791 and DCF887 are power tools that operate on brushless motor technology. Brushless power tools are highly preferred than brushed tools because of better efficiency.

Furthermore, brushless motors operate smoother compared to brushed counterparts. Aside from quieter operation, brushless motors also contribute to a power tool’s longer lifespan. Its lack of brushes also implies that you’re not needed to do as much maintenance as you would be with a brushed power tool.

In addition, the power tools in the DCK283D2 also operate on li-ion technology. Li-ions hold charges for long periods of time. Even if you leave your kit in your power tool shed for a while and get back to it after a while, you’d still be able to use some of the juice that’s left from its slow discharge rate.

Convenience at Its Finest

The power tools included in this kit comes with integrated LED lights specially engineered for your convenience. The light automatically shuts off on its own after twenty minutes of inactivity. You’re sure to be precise and accurate in your work, even in dark areas without getting anxious about overextending the battery.

With this power tool kit, you will also be able to save significant amount of time since both power tools come with a battery fuel gauge. This feature indicates the amount of energy left in the battery. You can also decide whether or not you must charge the battery first or perhaps charge later. Your flow of projects will never be disrupted by dead batteries again.

Also, your buy will also come with belt hooks. If you don’t want to lug the contractor bag around, then you can simply hook your power tools to your belt. Thus, you can be on the move while keeping your power tools close to you and ready to use.


  • Compact design
  • Includes belt hooks
  • Designed with a battery fuel gauge
  • Installed with a 3-mode LED light
  • Made with brushless motor technology


  • Drill bits may fall off with improper placing
  • Problems with the chuck


2. Milwaukee 2796-22 M18 FUEL ONE-KEY 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2796-22 M18 FUEL ONE-KEY 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Combo KitThis combo kit from Milwaukee comes with power tools that come with very similar features to the tools we mentioned above. The difference is that the power tools in this combo kit are One-Key enabled so it can be controlled through smartphones. Also, an even more technologically advanced set of power tools, which is the 2796-22, is absolutely a catch.

Also, the ½ inch hammer drill comes with a peak torque of 1,200 inch per pounds. This comes with a no-load speed of 0 to 550 and 0 to 2,000 revolution per minute and can do 32,000 BPM.

Its cordless power tool only weighs, and measures slightly less than compared to the first hammer drill. It also comes with a weight of 3.40 pounds and a length of 7.60 inches. This implies that you can also easily use this on tight spots.

Its ¼ inch hex impact driver is also the same to the first hex impact driver. It comes with a fastening torque of 0 to 1,800 inch per pounds with a no-load speed of 0 to 3,000 revolutions per minute. Also, the tool only weighs 2.10 pounds and measures 5.25 inches.

What More It Can Offer?

Both power tools are One-key enables, which implies that they’re compatible with the One-key mobile app. The app can give you customizable controls for specific uses. You can also save your preferences so that it can operate better on different materials and tasks you use.

These power tools are also powered by M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 batteries. Apart from the mentioned items, you’ll also get bit holders and two belt clips, a charger, and a side handle. You can store all of these items in the carry case that comes with the kit.

The 2796-22 M18 Fuel 2-tool combo kit comes with the M18 Fuel hammer drill – which is the 2706-20 and the M18 Fuel ¼ inch hex impact driver. The hammer drills is probably the most powerful 18-volt cordless hammer drill out there in the market, providing 1,200 inch per pounds of peak torque and up to 2,000 revolutions per minute, giving faster drill speed under heavy load to improve productivity.


  • Long-lasting battery and fast charger
  • Excellent warranty offer for the batteries
  • Excellent warranty offer for the power tools
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Customizable controls via a mobile app


  • The trigger tend to stick sometimes
  • Doesn’t accept other chucks
  • Buggy app


What Are the Differences between DEWALT 20V Max XR vs. Milwaukee M18 Fuel

Don’t allow these power tools’ small frames fool you.  The DCK283D2 is also a viable combo kit for any do-it-yourself enthusiasts, engineer, or contractor. The reason is because it amalgamates versatility and power within easy to manage power tools.

The DCD791 compact drill driver also packs sufficient power to finish a vast range of projects. It boasts of two available speed settings as well as high-speed transmissions.

Aside from that, the DCF887 impact driver comes with three available speed settings for you to pick from. Depending on your current assignment, you can select from 1,000, 2,800, or 3,250 revolutions per minute. It also gives a maximum of 3,800 IPM.

To sum it up, this much power for lightweight cordless tools is amazing. With this much, you can already finish most household tasks and work-related assignments. Because the power tools are user-friendly, even its grips are engineered to be comfortable and anti-sleep. This is a recommended kit for starting out do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals alike.

On the other hand, the Milwaukee M18 is the most powerful impact driver in its category at 1800 inch per pounds of fastening torque. M18 fuel features the most advanced cordless technology out there, namely; REDLITHIUM battery technology, REDLINK Plus electronic intelligence, a POWERSTATE brushless motor, yielding in longer motor life, more power and operation time.

Both power tools are again, one-key enabled which let users to wirelessly link to the tool with a smartphone to give unlimited control and customization of the power tool’s performance.

The One-key mobile app features predetermined set-ups for certain materials and fasteners, or gives complete control over output power and speed to customize the power tool for the particular application available.

Once the desired result performance is achieved, the custom profile is then saved to the memory of the power tool and the link to the smartphone is no longer required. The power tool’s memory supports up to four custom profiles that can be easily accessed with a simple touch of a button on the power tool. Your custom profiles are also saved in the cloud so that certain data can be accessed any given time.


In many ways than one, the DEWALT DCD791D2 outperforms the Milwaukee 2702-20.

If you’re the average do-it-yourself enthusiast or home improvement individual, then the DEWALT DCD791D2 would be an ideal choice for your needs. It offers more value for your hard-earned money due to the many things you can do with the power tool.

Nevertheless, the hammer drill feature of the Milwaukee 2702-20 can also be more valuable to pros in the long run. In such situations, the most ideal way to know which one to get is to go back to the root cause of why you should seek a powerful cordless drill in the first place.


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