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DeWalt DCD991B Vs. DCD996B Vs. DCD997B Cordless Drill Driver


If you’re trying to find an impressive cordless drill/driver than you may use for heavy-duty tasks that you need to do, then you’re reading the right post. All three tools we present here will get the job done.

Should you want to know which if these three is the best, then read on as we compare one model with the others.

Let’s Compare DeWalt DCD991B vs DCD996B vs DCD997B

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver with 3 Speeds – Bare Tool (DCD991B)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver with 3 Speeds - Bare Tool (DCD991B)


What will you get?

DeWalt DCD991B is a 20V drill/driver equipped with a brushless motor. It offers 820 Unit Watts Out (UWO) for your drilling and driving tasks. It has a three-speed all-metal transmission that produces 0-450 RPM, 0-1300 RPM and 2000 RPM, and up to 250 BPM.

In addition, it has a 1/2-inch heavy-duty ratcheting chuck made of nitro-carburized metal with carbide inserts for extra bit-gripping strength. Its LED light is 20x better than in the previous model and is also designed with three modes for you to choose from.

Its switches are coated and sealed to keep them from moisture and dust contamination. Overall, DeWalt DCD991B is engineered to be tough enough to withstand the elements in a jobsite.

Aside from the cordless drill/driver, it also includes a belt hook, and a 360-degree side handle.


  • Comes with a belt hook and a 360-degree side handle
  • High-performance brushless motor
  • All-metal 3-speed transmission
  • 3-mode LED light
  • Superior bit-gripping strength


  • Batteries and charger should be bought separately
  • Clutch cannot adjust the torque well

Top FAQs

Q: What kind of batteries does it need?

A: It works best with 20V XR lithium-ion batteries.

Q: Does it have hammer mode?

A: No, it does not. However, with the amount of torque that it can deliver, it can also drill through masonry materials

Q: What is the tool’s weight?

A: DCD991B weighs 4-pounds.

Our Take on DeWalt DCD991B

DeWalt DCD991B is a very powerful cordless drill. With a brushless motor, it can deliver 57% more run time compared to its competitors with brushed motor. Delivering up to 820 UWO and with an all-metal 3-speed transmission, your drilling or driving tasks can be done in a jiffy.

The ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts also allows quick bit changes and provides extra tight bit grip. More so, the clutch is designed with an overload protection that automatically shuts down the tool and stops the motor once the torque has been reached.

It is also comfortable and convenient to use as it is designed with an ergonomic handle. The LED is also 20x brighter and has a 20-second delay after trigger release.

For additional assurance to the customers, it is also covered by a 3-year limited warranty.


2. DEWALT DCD996B Bare Tool 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill (Tool Only)

DEWALT DCD996B Bare Tool 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill (Tool Only)


What will you get?

DeWalt DCD996B is a 20V cordless drill packed with a belt hook and a 360-degree side handle.

This hammer drill is only 8.4-inches long and weighs only 4.7-pounds. It boasts of faster application speed, offering 0-38, 250 BPM and up to 2250 RPM. Aside from speed, it also boasts of 820 UWO of max torque, making it a very powerful tool.

Its ½-inch ratcheting chuck is also heavy-duty and made of nitro-carburized metal with carbide inserts that provide extra strong bit grip. The LED light is also extra bright and has 3 modes to choose from.


  • 20V brushless motor
  • Heavy-duty chuck with extra strong grip
  • 3-mode LED light with 20-minute automatic shutoff
  • Covered with 3-year limited warranty
  • Includes a belt hook and a 360-degree side handle


  • Forward/Reverse switch does not feel solid
  • Battery fit is quite loose

Top FAQs

Q: Where was it manufactured?

A: DeWalt DCD996B is made in the US using materials imported from across the globe.

Q: Does it have hammer mode?

A: Yes! It certainly does.

Q: Does it have variable speed trigger?

A: It sure does!

Our Take on DeWalt DCD996B

If you will be doing quite a load of drilling tasks, you will find DeWalt DCD996B to be very useful and versatile. With the power rated at 820 UWO, you may use it even for heavy-duty drilling and driving applications.

It also has 3 speed settings for more accuracy, power and speed for your tasks. In addition, you may also set its rotation – clockwise or counter-clockwise, which is specifically helpful when you’re driving or loosening fasteners.

Even the physical built of the tool is very impressive; you can feel that the materials used are durable. Its 3-speed transmission is made with all-metal, its ratcheting chuck is formed with nitro-carburized metal, and the motor is brushless. As a result, you get a tool that’s not only tough but can also function a lot better and for a longer lifespan.


3. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit, Tool Connect Bluetooth, Tool Only (DCD997B)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit, Tool Connect Bluetooth, Tool Only (DCD997B)


What will you get?

DeWalt DCD997B is an improved, Bluetooth integrated version of DeWalt DCD996B hammer drill.

It is a 7.9-inch cordless tool that weighs only 4.6-pounds. It features 4-speed gearbox, 3 customizable modes and 11 clutch settings. It can deliver the max power of 820 UWO and the max speed of 2000 RPM. It is equipped with a brushless motor and is designed with ergonomic and comfortable handle.

With the integrated Bluetooth technology, you may connect DeWalt DCD997B with your mobile phone through the Tool Connect free app and Inventory Manager. With the app, you may see the diagnostics on your tool such as internal coin cell battery life, temperature, number of trigger pulls, and how long has the tool been running.

Also, through the app, you may choose from the four modes available – one is a default Home mode while the other three are for you to program by customizing the tool’s speed and light brightness. You also have the control over the built-in LED light and adjust its brightness and delay.


  • Integrated Bluetooth technology
  • Permanent Tool Connect attachment
  • Easily understandable diagnostics
  • Customizable speed
  • Adjustable LED brightness and delay 


  • Battery and charger needs to be bought separately
  • Speed set through the Tool Connect app isn’t very accurate

Top FAQs

Q: Does it include a side handle?

A: Yes, it does!

Q: Does it have a bit holder?

A: No it does not have any bit holder.

Q: What kind of motor does it have?

A: DCD997B is equipped with a brushless motor.

Our Take on DeWalt DCD997B Drill Driver Kit

DeWalt DCD997B is for handymen who want highly customizable yet powerful and durable tools. DCD997B is not just built for harsh environments but also designed to adapt with the continually advancing technology. This one, in particular, takes advantage of the Bluetooth technology.

Still packing a lot of power and designed with durability, this tool with integrated Bluetooth technology allows you to easily adjust and customize your tool’s settings – mode used, speed, and even the LED lights. More so, since the Bluetooth technology allows your tool to connect with your phone, you can also see some important and viable data about your tool directly on your phone.

With these, you can do your tasks with more precision and more efficiently.


What’s the Difference Among DeWalt DCD991B vs DCD996B vs DCD997B

First, these three powerful cordless tools we presented here assure you of reliability, durability and exceptional performance. Being manufactured by one of the most well-known brands in its industry, you can be sure that they will not disappoint.

DCD991B, DCD996B and the DCD997B are all equipped with a brushless motor that enables the tools to have a longer run time compared to other similar tools with brushed motors.

They are also designed as ergonomic and comfortable tools, with comfort grip handle and LED light to help you work more conveniently. In addition is a chuck with tight bit gripping strength. And, to provide more control as you work on your task, included with each of these tools is a 360-degree side handle.

With regard to performance, they all deliver the same max torque of 820 UWO. However, the DCD991B is only a cordless drill/driver (with no hammering mode), the DCD996B is a cordless hammer drill while the DCD997B is a cordless hammer drill with integrated Bluetooth technology. Yet, all of them have drilling and driving capabilities. But as you may have observed, one is an improved version of the other.

Among DeWalt DCD991B, DCD996B and DCD997B, you can see that the DCD991B is the basic tool. Although, it is still a great one that delivers great amount of torque and speed, which you may use even for heavy-duty tasks.

DeWalt DCD996B is the improved version of the aforementioned DCD991B as it is now engineered with a hammering mode, making it more versatile and useful for various heavy-duty applications. And, although these previously-mentioned tools are already great as they are, an improved version was even engineered and it resulted to DCD997B.

DeWalt DCD997B is a hammer drill that also has a driving mode and is integrated with Bluetooth technology. This allows you to further adjust and customize the settings of your tool so you can work with more precision. It also makes the tool’s status and vital information available on your smartphone.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, although these three mentioned drill/drivers are all durable and delivers exceptional performance, the best one is evidently the DeWalt DCD997B because it’s the upgraded version of the other two.

All the great specifications that you want from the DeWalt DCD991B and DCD996B can also be found in the DeWalt DCD997B so you’re not really missing anything from the previous two should you purchase this one.

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