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How To Choose The Right Recliner Or Sleeping Chair


Lack of free space in small rooms can be fixed with a sleeper chair or recliner, designed for frequent unfolding, i.e. turning into a main place for the night rest.

When folded, it does not take much space and becomes a full bed when unfolded. Also, when being transported, it does not cause any troubles as well. In this article, I will help you understand how to choose a modern sleeper chair for daily use.


Comfortable and multifunctional furniture for frequent rest and sleep is most often used in:

  • Children’s rooms and bedrooms. Such chairs have big sizes so that it could be used as a high-grade sleeping place. They are equipped with a safe and qualitative mechanism of transformation to prolong lifetime. The design is presented by a wide variety of bright models with the image of cartoon characters and game motifs.

Attention! As a result of a frequent transformation, the details are subject to heavy wear and tear, so you should pay attention to the durability of fasteners when choosing. The furniture itself should be light so that its fastening elements would not experience a great load, and it would also be easier for a child to fold and unfold it.

  • In rooms where a sleeper chair will be used by an adult as the main place for overnight stay and rest. Such furniture is used by people who rent apartments or live in small rooms or motels. Orthopedic mattresses with elastic bands, attached to such chairs, provide greater comfort during sleep. They are made of modern materials, using the latest technologies that allow you to take the perfect body shape while resting and have a quiet, healthy sleep.

The design of a sleeper chair for adults is represented by calmer prints and upholstery colors.

Structural Elements of Recliner or Sleeping Chair

According to this researches, (read this for more information) the device construction is one of the most important parts of the upholstered furniture that needs your close attention. Manufacturers offer a wide range of frames varying in material:

  • Chipboard (low-cost models of sleepers). Attention should be paid to the processing of plates. This may be special treatment, protecting the material from moisture and insects, lamination (film-coated) or veneering (thin wooden sheets coating).
  • Wooden boards or parallel bars. With such a frame, leisure furniture will endure a long service life. Soft (pine, thuja, spruce, linden, aspen), medium or hardwood (oak, beech, birch, elm, hornbeam, maple) types of wood are used for such a frame. The disadvantage of solid pine is poor resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Metal tubes. This type does not require special conditions in operation. Such tubes are light and beautiful. Corrosion of metal is prevented by using powder paints of various structure and color. Perfect in practical terms, easy to care for, they also go with removable covers which may be stained during exploitation.

Attention! When choosing a metal frame, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the steel which will make the furniture light enough and at the same time durable. It must be at least 1–2 mm.

  • Combination of materials (wood + metal, chipboard + array). Such models combine many high-quality and functional features.


For a folding sleeper chair to serve many years, it is worth paying attention to the upholstery material. Manufacturers have a wide choice in this segment. Quality materials are:

  • Natural and synthetic chenille. The fabric has a pleasant, mixed and voluminous texture due to the spiral filaments arranged longitudinally and transversely.
  • Flock is one of the best fabric types with good operational and technical features (durability, ease care, fire resistance). Depending on the composition and texture, the price fluctuates greatly.
  • Velour. This material has high elasticity and strength, is notable for uniformity, smoothness of the structure, ideal for upholstering frequently used furniture items.
  • Genuine or artificial leather. Such materials are used in the manufacture of luxury models of sleeper chairs, armchairs or recliners. They are expensive, durable, elastic, not afraid of stains and always fashionable.

Attention! Gobelin and jacquard are short-life materials. Used as upholstery models for economy class and serve from 1 to 3 years for daily use.

If you need a sleeper chair for children, then you should opt for cotton. Despite the fact that the fiber is short-lived, and stains may be an issue, it is hypoallergenic.


Elastic polyurethane foam is a budget filler with short service life. Not suitable for frequent use, especially if laid in pieces, not the whole canvas. After a few years of use, the cheap stuff will sink, and the seat will look awkward.

When choosing, you should tilt toward a more expensive filler – latex and periotek. They restore their former shape really fast due to increased elasticity which provides excellent ergonomic and supporting qualities to the model.

Folding Mechanisms 

The design of a sleeper chair implies a mechanism that will allow you to fold and unfold the product. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Click-clack sleeper chairs. A simple and traditional folding mechanism. In order to bring this furniture in a horizontal position, you must pull out the seat.
  • Power-open sofa-bed sleepers are a reliable and fast transformation, but take a lot of space when folded.
  • Pull-out types are easy to use even for children, but for its “reincarnation,” you need a lot of space. Usually, all models are equipped with spacious drawers for linen.
  • Tri-fold sleeper chairs. The unfolding design provides for the connection of 3 parts. The disadvantage is its high seat when folded.
  • New York convertible sleeper chairs. May be difficult to transform but can boast a reliable mechanism and luxurious seats. Premium quality chairs.

In conclusion, I can say that all modern models of sleeper chairs for frequent use tend to minimalism, i.e. the manufacturers exclude unnecessary elements in the design, these include armrests or a bag chair with a solid durable base. Any furniture product must be checked for quality, so be sure to check the reliability of structural elements, filler elasticity, and upholstery exploitation conditions.

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