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Milwaukee 2606-20 Vs. 2606-22CT Vs. 2607-20 Cordless Drill Driver


Whether you are a handyman or not, if you often work on your home for repairs and improvement, having a hammer drill will be essential. This drill can help you drill through hard materials and make working easier than usual. It can also double as a regular hammer or a regular drill.

Hammer drills are just one of the most powerful tools today because it can help you drill into almost anything. Whether you are just repairing something at home or improving any room, a hammer drill is a powerful tool that you can rely on.

With the many companies who manufacture hammer drills, it can be daunting to choose which brand to rely on. For us, we truly rely on Milwaukee because of its outstanding reputation for decades. They are known to manufacture the best power tools in the world. But with the different hammer drill models that they have, our team decided to try three of the best models that they have. In this way, we can provide you more detailed reviews on each one of these hammer drills from Milwaukee.

Comparing Milwaukee 2602-20 Vs. 2606-22CT Vs. 2607-20 Hammer Drills

1. Milwaukee 2606-20 M18 Drill Driver

Milwaukee 2606-20 drill driver is considered as one of the most compact drills compared to its competitors. It is built with the four-poles frameless motor and an M18 cordless Lithium-Ion. This delivers a maximum torque of 500 in-lbs., and a total RPM of 1,800.

One of the best things about the Milwaukee 2606-20 is that it has a measurement of 7 1/4 inches in length, which means that you can use it to access workspaces that are right. To ensure that it is protected from impact and shock, it has an all-metal gear case, which adds durability.

Another good thing about Milwaukee 2606-20 is that it features a Redlink Intelligence, which means that your tool will stay protected even in the most abusive situation. It will also ensure that it will remain cool during heavy-duty application to maximize its life.


  • All-metal gear case
  • Compact design which makes it easy to work
  • Durable enough to last long
  • Redlink Intelligence for added protection
  • Robust design


  • Tool only

Top FAQs

Q: Will this hammer drill work on concrete?

A: Yes, for as long as you use a masonry drill and the battery’s fully charged.

Q: Is this a hammer drill?

A: It isn’t a hammer drill, but it has some hammering feature.

Q: Does it have a variable speed?

A: Yes, Milwaukee 2606-20 has a variable speed.

2. Milwaukee 2606-22CT M18 Cordless Drill/Driver

Milwaukee 2606-22CT M18 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit, 18 V


Milwaukee 2606-22CT is one of the drill driver in the market that won’t break easily. You can use this drill/driver even in the most extreme conditions, which means that this tool is protected. It is created to ensure that it has less slippage, which means that you can use this comfortable in the most complex spaces. With its four-pole motor, it makes this power tool robust to ensure a lifespan that is longer. Also, since it has a frameless motor, this power tool is low maintenance, since it is easier to clean.

One of the best things about Milwaukee 2606-22CT is that it is packed in an all-metal gear to protect its motor. The reason for this type of case is to make it impact and durable resistance, and as well as durable.

Another good thing about Milwaukee 2606-22CT is that it features a Redlink Intelligence, which will keep the driver from overloading and overheating. This will ensure that your drill will work in the best way as possible. The Milwaukee 2606-22CT has a maximum RPM of 1,800 and a minimum of 400. The torque, on the other hand, is 500 in-lbs. With its 16+1 clutch settings, you can surely be able to adjust its setting based on the job that you are working on.


  • Designed with a battery fuel gauge
  • Runs with lithium-ion
  • LED light
  • Four poles frameless motor
  • Compact and cordless


  • No bit holder

Top FAQs

Where is the Milwaukee 2606-22CT made?

It is made in China.

Does it come with a tool case?

Yes, it does come with a tool case.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it does come with a 5-year warranty.

3. Milwaukee 2607-20 Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 2607-20 1/2 Inch 1,800 RPM 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Hammer Drill / Driver with Textured Grip, All Metal Gear Case, and LED Lighting


Milwaukee 2607-20 is one of the most durable hammer drills that the company has. It has an ergonomic design, which will make using this drill easier. You can use this drill in concrete, block, and brick without difficulties. With the variable speed trigger, you will be able to control it easily.

One of the best things about Milwaukee 2607-20 is that it only weighs 3.4 pounds. This means that you can easily use this without putting on too much effort. With its compact feature, you will be able to handle this in the easiest way possible. This hammer drill also has a belt clip, so you can store it on your side whenever you’re done using it.

Another good thing about Milwaukee 2607-20 is that it uses 18 volts of Lithium batteries. It also has LED lighting, which will help you to illuminate your workplace. Also, since it’s a keyless chuck, you don’t have to worry about shadows that may block the area that you’re working with.


  • Durable enough to last long
  • Lightweight
  • Works fast
  • Compact
  • Powerful tool


  • Issues with the packaging

Top FAQs

Q: How does the hammer function?

A: It functions by using a masonry bit so you can drill in block, brick, and concrete.

Q: Is there a variable speed trigger?

A: Yes, there is an available variable speed trigger.

Q: Does it come with a battery?

A: No, it is sold separately.

What Are The Difference Between Milwaukee 2602-20 Vs. 2606-22CT Vs. 2607-20 Drills


When it comes to the performance of the Milwaukee 2606-20 drill, it is powered by M18 lithium-ion battery. This helps deliver a total of 1,800 RPM and 500 in-lbs., as its maximum torque. The Milwaukee 2606-22Ct, on the other hand, is powered by Red Lithium batteries. Just like the drill above, it also has 500 in-lbs., and a total RPM of 1,800.

Milwaukee 2606-22CT is powered by an 18 volts lithium-ion. It has the power to drill in block, concrete, and bricks. This hammer drill is consists of three drilling modes, which will help you use it in different applications. All three Milwaukee drills above are compatible with the other M18 systems.

Design and Handling

When it comes to design and handling, all Milwaukee 2602-20 Vs. 2606-22CT Vs. 2607-20 drill is durable and is made easy to handle. But amongst the three, the easiest to handle due to its lightweight is the Milwaukee 2606-20. It only measures a total of 2.29 pounds. The Milwaukee 2606-22Ct weighs 9.02 pounds which is little heavy. The Milwaukee 2607-20 weighs 3.4 pounds, which is of course in between these two.

All hammer drills are in a metal gear casing to ensure that they will be protected especially against drops. They also have LED lightings to make art easier to work, especially in places that don’t have enough illumination.


All Milwaukee 2602-20 Vs. 2606-22CT Vs. 2607-20 are using Lithium Ion for power. This type of battery is known to be very reliable and can be used for long hours once it is fully charged. All models also need to use an 18 volts lithium battery as this kind of voltage can help work with heavy-duty applications.

Head to Head Comparison

Milwaukee 2602-20 is perfect for heavy-duty and light jobs, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It also has the power to produce a total of 500 inches/lbs. Of torque. Also, to ensure that its users can rely on this hammer drill for a long time, Milwaukee ensures that this hammer drill has a robust design with magnets to make the drill have a longer life.

The Milwaukee 2606-222CT, on the other hand, can deliver a minimum torque of 50 in-lbs., and a maximum of 1,800 ROPM. With its length of 7 inches in diameter, the user will surely be able to work even in the tightest spaces.

Lastly, Milwaukee 2607-20 is also a great hammer drill because just like the two tools above, it can surely make the job done. It has a total of three drilling modes, which will let you drill on masonry, hardwoods, and softwoods.

Final Note

With all these reviews on the three hammer drills from Milwaukee, you surely now know which one suits your task best. Whether you are to use it in construction or just for home repair and improvement, all three Milwaukee hammer drills above will surely help. Plus, with the metal gear case that these hammer drills in, you will surely be able to use these drills for a lifetime.

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