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Best Nursing Clipboard with Storage Reviews


Every nurse or medical student needs a clipboard for both a desk and a suitcase on the go. Being the nurse`s greatest companion on long busy days, it is important to make a one-time perfect choice offering both space and convenience. This decision has a far-reaching impact affecting everyone you interact with.

The best clipboard has to offer a combination of both enough space and orderly storage of accessories to become the perfect lifesaving companion. The market is full of many clipboards that may not necessarily meet a medical practitioner’s daily needs. That is why we created this buying guide to narrow down your scope to the best choices.

Things to consider when buying a clipboard

Before paying for any clipboard, you have to analyze its ability to deliver according to the needs of your workstation. Once you know the amount of space and portability you require from your clipboard, then you can go ahead and check the varieties in the market. Not all clipboards are necessarily designed to work in a hospital environment. To get you started, these are the five basic features your clipboard should comply with.

  1. Storage

The best clipboards should allow you to carry all your paperwork, pens, and any necessary gear with you. This helps you avoid the stress of carrying bulky papers in your pocket and the risk of getting them creased and mixed up. A clipboard that can hold up to 30 sheets at once is convenient because you can handle as many stations as you want without confusing the paperwork. Extra space for pens, a tablet or bandage scissors is always a plus.

  1. Durability

You have every reason to choose a durable clipboard. Resistance to rusting and shattering is the most important factor. The busy schedules and many rushed calls expose the clipboard to lots of destructive elements which can only be withstood by the toughest material. The clipboard should keep all the contents safe from the elements while still giving you a reliable hard desk to write on whenever you need to jot something down.

Aluminum-based clipboards or hardened plastic with powder coating are the favorites in the market because they stay light and easy to carry around. The type of clip on the clipboard also matters a lot. Most clips are metallic and hence susceptible to rusting. A reliable clip should be tough and stainless to beat the elements while still offering a sturdy grip on sheets of paper or a notebook whenever you need to use it.

  1. Reference sheets and accessories

Many people assume this factor but conversion tables and customized reference stickers designed specifically for a nurse or a medical student are a great lifesaver on any clipboard. Long busy days and lots of records to remember can really weigh down on you. These accessories allow you to stay on point getting everything you need at every station with a simple glance.

  1. Privacy

Carrying and handling sensitive records is part of every nurse`s day and keeping them private is a legal requirement to comply with HIPAA regulations. It is not necessarily a legal requirement to buy a specific kind of clipboard but one that keeps documents safe is good for both you and other people that use the information.

The best clipboard for a nurse should ensure the documents can be hidden from prying eyes and stay in good shape. Hinged clipboards that can be sealed completely are even better for this requirement.

  1. Size

Convenience is the main role of any reliable clipboard for a nurse. The size and weight are the two main factors that determine the ease of life with a clipboard. This list concentrates on standardly sized clipboards able to handle a regular A4 sheet. The foldable clipboards are even better because they protect papers from creasing and also fit in the pocket. All the other clipboards are light and able to fit in your suitcase or backpack to be carried around easily.

The best nursing clipboards with storage reviews

1. Whitecoat Nursing Edition Clipboard-Pink

WhiteCoat Clipboard- Pink - Nursing Edition

This clipboard is a collection of everything you need on duty summarized in a simple fold. First, this clipboard is very light and foldable designed to fit in your pocket. It still offers a full-sized compact hard surface for writing on when unfolded. Furthermore, this clipboard`s aluminum construction allows it to withstand the abuses that come with a busy schedule making it a one-time purchase.

It comes with reference tables and stickers designed for nurses and other medical practitioners including conversion tables for Celsius to Fahrenheit. Secondly, This clipboard is HIPAA compliant, it keeps all sensitive documents covered when folded and also allows you to read privately in a crowd by unfolding the clipboard partially. The pink color actually makes the clipboard very classy and easy to spot.



  • Aluminum finish to keep it durable
  • It is light and convenient to carry
  • It has customized reference material
  • It can be folded to fit in the pocket
  • Has a strong durable clip


  • little room for extra customized stickers


2. Dexas Lime Slimcase storage Clipboard

Dexas Slimcase Storage Clipboard, Lime - 1517-J85

This is one of the best nursing clipboards for any medical practitioner that needs to carry lots of paperwork. It comes with an ample storage space that can hold more than 30 sheets of paper alongside pens or any other small gear for a nurse. It is also designed to carry regular A4 sheets without folding to prevent them from creasing.

For your carrying convenience, the clipboard is designed to fit in a suitcase or a backpack. It has a sturdy lock mechanism that keeps it slim and airtight protecting the paperwork from spilled fluids and other destructive elements. Moreover, this clipboard is made of hardened plastic that keeps it durable, light and convenient to carry around. It also comes in different colors including green, pink and blue to suit your desired preference. 


  • It has a large storage space
  • It is HIPAA compliant
  • It is slim and light 


  • It doesn’t come with reference stickers


3. Dexas Granite Slimcase storage clipboard

Dexas Slimcase Storage Clipboard, Midnight Granite

This Is another spacious clipboard from Dexas featuring a stainless granite finish that prevents it from fading with age. This slim clipboard has a top and bottom flap that are hinged together to offer ample storage for A4 sized papers or even a legal notebook. Its tough steel clip is suitable for holding sheets or notepads snugly in place when writing. Moreover, this clipboard is easy to use and carry around because of its slim design.

It maintains the privacy of sensitive documents when sealed while still offering quick access at the bottom latch. The latches also act as anchors whenever you need to jot something on the clipboard even if you don`t have a table making it a suitable clipboard for working or learning on the go.


  • The material is durable waterproof
  • It has a rust and corrosion resistant clip
  • It has a large storage space
  • Easy access at the bottom latch
  • The granite finish does not fade


  • It cannot fit in the pocket

4. SteelClip Aluminum storage clipboard

SteelClip #1 Aluminum Storage Clipboard - HIGHEST QUALITY for everyday use - Aluminum Forms Holder with Top Hinged Opening and Self-Locking Latch

Steel clip clipboards are famous for their durability and enormous storage space that can accommodate up to 35 sheets of paper, pens, and even a tablet. They are actually designed as a slim light metallic case that makes writing easy while storing all your gear safely. This particular model is purely made of aluminum with a hinged compartment that can be accessed easily through the latch at the bottom.

The rustproof metallic body ensures the durability of the clipboard and also keeps the documents safe. Its powerful spring clip offers a sturdy hold onto the sheets when writing. Moreover, this clipboard remains slim when closed allowing you to hold it firmly with one hand while writing. It is a suitable choice for any heavy-duty office work with the promise of lifetime service.


  • A powerful clip with a sturdy hold on paper
  • It has a durable metallic body
  • It can hold a lot of gear including a tablet
  • It has a secure hind latch that offers easy access


  • It takes more room when stored


5. Officemate OIC Tablet clipboard case

Officemate OIC Letter/A4 Size Tablet Clipboard Case, Charcoal (83314)

This clipboard is designed more like a compact suitcase making it the best choice of a nursing clipboard on the go. It is a great combination of storage space and carrying convenience suitable for any medical practitioner. Its greatest attraction is the three storage compartments, two on the bottom flap suitable for storing paper and notebooks and other small accessories and another one on the top flap with secure straps for carrying a tablet. It also has small compartments near the ergonomic handle that can be used to store other accessories such as a medical bandage or an extra set of reference stickers.

It is made of hardened plastic fitted with an airtight lock mechanism that keeps all the contents of the case safe. It also features a smooth charcoal finish that provides a reliable desk on the go for quick jotting. It also resists fading with age. Its main conspicuous feature, however, is the easy-to-grab suitcase handle which also acts as the bottom latch.  It can be opened easily for quick access to the contents.


  • Spacious customized storage for a variety of accessories
  • It has an airtight lock that keeps items safe from the elements.
  • It has a handle for convenient carrying
  • It has a compact classy design suitable for carrying around


  • The hinges are made of plastic



1. Is it mandatory to carry a nursing clipboard?

There is no legal requirement that forces nurses, students, and other medical practitioners to carry clipboards around. The decision fully depends on the institution or the individual. The benefits or getting a clipboard are however enormous and the best professional advice would be to get one for an easy time at work. If you want to keep a low profile at work, the foldable model that fits in your pocket will come in handy.

2. Do all nursing clipboards have built-in reference materials?

This is a feature of nursing clipboards that vary from brand to brand. Reference sheets for cardiac rhythms and other basic tips for nurses come in handy for nurses and students handling busy schedules. Buying a clipboard with this feature is a great advantage. The scope for the type of reference stickers and conversion tables needed is however very wide. Many professionals prefer getting their own reference stickers to put on the clipboard or simply do without them.

3. How much does a good nursing clipboard cost?

The price of the clipboard highly depends on the material. Aluminum clipboards are generally considered more durable and hence pricier. This guide has a collection of the 5 best clipboards in the market that will give you value for the money. Whether you prefer a plastic or mantellic material for your best clipboard, this list has got you covered from as low as $10.

4. Do nursing clipboards comply with HIPAA regulations?

Clipboards are actually a great way to maintain HIPAA compliance at work. It is important to keep sensitive documents from prying eyes when writing or even reading them and clipboards are designed just for that. These clipboards offer safe storage for sensitive documents protecting them from loss, mix-up or simply unauthorized viewing. With a clipboard, your paperwork also stays in good shape.


Buying a clipboard is an important career decision for any medical practitioner but the task can be daunting. That is why we created this list based on professional reviews to come up with the combination of features needed in a nurse`s career companion. All the items here are thoroughly reviewed for the convenience and durability of its built to give you value for the money. Whether you are buying your first clipboard or seeking an upgrade, this guide contains everything you need to buy a clipboard that can last a lifetime.

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